Instructional Designer

TSD is seeking Instructional Designers in two separate capacities: 1) Contract Instructional Designer on a project-based level (typical project durations are three to six months), and 2) Full-Time Instructional Designer, this is a salaried position. Both positions provide instructional design services for client performance improvement training programs.

The ideal candidates are persons who thrive on the challenge of meeting the different needs of learners/clients, and are strong team players, demonstrating an eagerness to support colleagues in need of immediate assistance/guidance. TSD is a fast-paced, ever changing environment where your high standards and hard work are appreciated and rewarded.


  1. Under the direction of the Senior Instructional Designer, the primary role of this position is to assist in identifying intended learning outcomes by applying learning theories, instructional design strategies, and learning style approaches that are appropriate to support course objectives.
  2. Perform research, data analysis, use project management and key instructional
    design skills to oversee the design, development and implementation of TSD
    learning initiatives.
  3. Develop Content Points and Instructional Strategy. Review Content Points & Instructional Strategy with client.
  4. Design the user's navigation path(s) within the training experience
  5. Partner with TSD staff to develop program elements including graphics, photos, web development, flash and engineering. Collaborate and define the creative treatment.
  6. Develop scripts & screens/print materials in TSD approved template format to include content and theme, defining all media elements (graphics, animations, video, and/or audio) and explaining functionality.
  7. Review scripts & screens/print materials with client.
  8. Work with TSD staff to develop Photo Shot List, Photo/Video Shoots, Audio Recordings, Graphic Design components, and functionality.
  9. Collaborate with TSD Project Manager to insure that Production is moving ahead according to schedule.
  10. Perform regular quality control tasks on written documentation, videos, and other training media.
  11. Participate in analysis process by attending Live Review with client.
  12. Complete PRF list based on client feedback at Live Review and submit changes to
    TSD staff.
  13. Final review of WBT/print materials and follow-through on final PRF list before delivery, as needed.
  14. Follow up and evaluate the effectiveness of developed training and incorporate revisions based on client feedback.


  • Extensive knowledge of instructional design/adult learning principles with deep expertise in the e-learning field.
  • Knowledge of Organizational Development/Organizational Learning practices in
    large organizations.
  • Experience managing complex projects.
  • Experience in consulting with the ability to present to senior level executives. Demonstrated polished facilitation and presentation skills.
  • Highly-developed creative and business writing skills.
  • Open, flexible approach and superior problem-solving abilities.
  • High business and financial acumen.
  • Experience helping companies build organizational and human performance capabilities, allowing companies to maximize their success and achieve business goals.
  • Bachelor’s Degree required (undergraduate or graduate concentration in Psychology, Instructional Design, or Human Factors would be ideal); Master’s Degree in Instructional Design, Instructional Performance Technology, Business or Organizational Development related field required.
  • Comfortable in a small, fast-growing, entrepreneurial environment.